Men Before And After Weight Loss: After Losing His Father To Diabetes, Steve Drops 90 Pounds

Name: Steve Weirich
sAge: 27
Height: 5’7″
Before Weight: 320 pounds

How I Gained It: I’ve always been overweight. I grew up fat. Genetics and poor eating habits are the culprit for my obesity; however I found a way past it. During high school I was on the football team and wrestling team just to try and get healthy and reach a respectable weight. Once I hit college, my weight would go up and down, but I never really got to where I wanted to be. Then, in July 2011, I hit a scary statistic: I was 5’7″ and 315 pounds. I wore a 3XL shirt and had a size 50 waist. My father passed away in 2007 because of complications of diabetes, which stemmed from his weight issues. I was determined to not let that happen to me. I knew he wouldn’t have wanted that for me.

While living out in Los Angeles during the latter half of 2011, I tried to work out, but then I’d undo my progress by eating fast food burgers and pizza. I drank lots of pop. I ate out of boredom.

Breaking Point: January 2012 was at a very low point in my life. Financially, I couldn’t live in L.A. anymore, and it crushed me. I was looking for ways to try and deal with that disappointment but also do it in a smart way, so I started power walking.

How I Lost It: Winter back in Chicago was not exactly a haven for working out, but as the weather got nice I decided it was time to really start taking the weight loss serious. I started making small goals for myself. I started running, which was a roller coaster, because during my runs I’d hate how out of shape I had let myself get. But when I’d reach small milestones, like the first time I ran a full mile, that feeling was surreal. I couldn’t have been prouder.

Additionally, I targeted my eating problem. I did this all on my own, didn’t see a diet specialist, didn’t see a doctor. I knew what I had to do. It was a matter of looking my problem in the eye and facing my own demons. I was a habitual eater. I’d eat whenever and I’d eat things that were terrible for me. Now, I eat only when I’m hungry and I know when I’m full.

By June 2012, I was running nearly 30 miles a week and walking that same amount too as I would run on local paths and then walk home. By August, I was running organized 5Ks and doing them at about an 8:30 per mile pace. By October, I weighed in at 230 pounds and had cut 10 inches from my waist. The response I’ve had from family and peers has been the motivation I needed to never pick up on those old habits again.

After Weight: 230 pounds

Source: Huffington Post

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