How I Lost 10 Pounds: Didier’s Muscle Makeover

Didier always enjoyed lifting weights, ever since he was 13 years old. At 15, he began educating himself about proper diet and training. Now he’s addicted to becoming bigger and stronger than he ever was. Learn how he packed on the muscle right here!

Vital Stats

Name: Didier Brassard


BodySpace: DeedsPower

Age: 16

Where: Quebec, Canada

Height: 5’5″


Weight: 125 lbs

Arms: 12″

Shoulders: 40″

Max Bench Press: 135 lbs


Weight: 155 lbs

Arms: 15.3″

Shoulders: 46.1″

Max Bench Press: 235 lbs

How I Did It

I have always liked bodybuilding and strongman competitions. I remember as a kid watching all Schwarzenegger’s movies again and again. At 13 years old, I did my first trainings by doing mostly biceps and shoulder. I stopped until I turned 15 years old.

Then, I started bodybuilding with proper nutrition and training. I became addicted. Each time I saw somebody of my age stronger than me, I wanted to become stronger than him. Lifting weights had always been something I liked.

I really have no idea where I am going to be in 3, 5, or 10 years. At the moment, I don’t see myself on the stage, at a competition or anything but there is one thing that I am sure, I am going to be stronger and bigger.

In life, you must be strong. Bodybuilding helps me to get strong in both ways: physically and mentally. I also like lifting heavy things so each time I lift a heavier weight, I’m happier. Also, getting to be one of these “strong guys” in high school is very nice.


I use a combination of Muscle Milk, Optimum Whey and casein. Used these for 4 months and I’ve seen great gain in strength and a diminution of my body fat percentage. My bodyweight stayed about the same but visually speaking, I’m bigger. I think the one that helped the most is Muscle Milk. I take my whey right after my training and my casein before going to bed.


7:00 AM

o All-Bran cereal

o 8oz of milk

o 100g of yogurt

o 8oz of orange juice

10:45 AM

o Various snacks (muffin, bars)

12:30 PM

o 1.5 scoops whey protein

12:45 PM

o Meat

o Pasta

o Whole wheat brown bread

o 1 yogurt

4:00 PM

o 2 slices of whole wheat brown bread

o 100-200g meat

o 1 or 2 yogurt(s) sometimes

7:00 PM

o Chicken

o Rice

o Broccoli

or Pasta

o o 4 whole eggs

o 2 slices of whole wheat brown bread

10:00 PM

o Casein

o Muscle Milk

o Protein shake

or 150g of cheese

o o 10oz of milk

o 1 yogurt

I daily take around 3 to 6 liters of water, which should be like 100 to 200 fl oz.


This workout helped me to gain a lot of strength but not much in mass. As an example, in 1 month, I could get my maximum bench press up by 25-30 pounds. My workouts are often short (30-45 minutes) because I don’t have more time and intense. I tried to focus a lot on chest since it was one of my weak body parts before I did this training routine.

Week 1

Day 1: Chest/Arms

Day 3: Legs

Day 5: Back/Shoulders

Week 2

Day 1: Abs/Cardio/Lower Back

Day 3: Upper Body

Day 5: Lower body

Week 1 Exercises

Day 1

Barbell Bench Press 5*5

Dumbbell Fly 2*12 [SUPER-SET]

Inclined Bench Press 2*8

Chest Dips 3*8 [SUPER-SET]

Biceps Curl 3*8

With dips and biceps curls, I always do a drop-set. Example for biceps curl: 5 reps with 45 pounds dumbbell followed by 5 reps with 35 pounds and followed by 25 pounds until failure.

Day 3

My legs’ workouts vary so much that I can’t even write it clearly. I’ll usually do leg presses, calf raises, dumbbell lunges, lying leg curls with drop-set, pyramid training and super-set.

Day 5

Wide-grip lat Pulldown 3*7-11-15

Shoulder Press 3*8-10-12

Seated Cable Row 2*8 [SUPER-SET]

Upright Row 2*8-12

Pull-Ups 2*failure

Lying Rear Delt Raise 2*10 [SUPER-SET]

Lateral Raise 2*10

Week 2 Exercises

Day 1


20-30 minutes of running

Abs workout is like legs, it changes a lot. Most of the time it includes crunches, alternate heel touchers, lying leg raise and hanging leg raise.

Day 3

Barbell Bench Press 3*12-15 (drop-set)

Inclined dumbbell Bench Press 3*8

Pull-ups 3*failure

Standing dumbbell shoulder Press 2*10

Standing dumbbell curl 2*10

Front Barbell Raise 2*10

Reverse-grip barbell curl 2*10

Day 5

My legs’ workouts vary so much that I can’t even write it clearly. I’ll usually do leg presses, calf raises, dumbbell lunges, lying leg curls with drop-set, pyramid training and super-set.

Suggestions For Others

If you are not sweating after a workout, there is a problem. If you are not lifting heavier than the previous week, there is a problem. If you have been using the same training for the last 2-3 months, there is a problem too. These are 3 big things that I try to focus on. Always getting this extra rep or that intense super-set makes you closer to you goal.

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