How I Lost 48 Pounds: Scott Drops The Weight And Keeps It Off

> Former weight: 209 pounds

> Current weight: 161 pounds

> Pounds lost: 48

> Height: 5 feet 9 inches

> How long he’s kept it off: Started in May 2007 and met his goal in September 2007. He’s kept it off ever since.

> Personal life: Wells works as an account executive for Nth Degree, a tradeshow management company. He lives inEast Point.

> Turning point: “Last May 2007, I remember sitting in my chair and leaning over to tie my shoe. I had to come up and take a breath before going back down to finish tying the shoe. I was winded from leaning over,” says Wells. “My back was giving me some pretty painful problems, and my doctor had me on blood pressure medicine.” When a friend suggested Operation Boot Camp (, Wells resisted at first, but after the first workout signed up for a month.

> Diet plan: Breakfast is typically Kashi cereal, a high-protein shake or an egg white omelet with chicken, vegetables and hot sauce. Lunch is a bison burger with spinach salad and vinaigrette dressing. Dinner is baked chicken and vegetables in marinade.

> Exercise routine: “When I started, I exercised five days a week; then I kicked it up to seven to eight times a week,” he says. “I would do the Operation Boot Camp workout in the morning, go to the park after work and exercise for another 30 to 45 minutes on my way home.”

> Biggest challenge: “My main challenge, besides not exercising, was large portions at every meal,” he says. “The program with OBC teaches you how to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, what combinations to eat, etc. … Then they hold you accountable for your decisions.”

> How life has changed: “It’s now been a year, and I’m still lean, happy, have more energy than before, and things in my life have changed in an amazing way,” he says. “My career is skyrocketing, my relationships with my friends and family are deeper. … I saw how [OBC] changed my life. I decided I wanted to help others do it also. I became an instructor. I went back to my doctor, who weaned me off my blood pressure medicine. My back pain went away during this time, and I realized that I was gaining more confidence than I’d had in years.”

Source: AJC

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